New Delhi railway station: Problems and its Solutions

The chaos at the New Delhi Railway seems to be unmanageable. It really is? If you happen to visit, I am sure that you would not like to come unless you have homesickness or you have some urgent work and can’t afford to travel by plane.

The rail authority blames the unruly crowd for the stampede while truth is the recent stampede where 17 people lost their life was because of the unprofessionalism prevailing in the government workplaces. The stampede of which I am talking about was caused due to sudden change of the platforms of the two trains. Now do government has the right to blame to the people?

Being a responsible citizen I must do by bit to contain this problem. I think the most of the crowd is comprised of the people going to Bihar. So the trains leaving to Bihar that has to be dealt with. In my opinion if there are 12 trains leaving for Bihar from New Delhi Railway station we should allocate these trains originating from different stations. For example 4 trains each from New Delhi, Old Delhi and Anand Vihar. While allocating the trains we must keep in mind the timings of the trains so that train at approximately leaving at the same time should be from different stations.

It will not only reduce the crowd per station but will make the management of platforms easier. Suggestions are welcome because we all want to go home and the chaos at the station should not deter us from going to see our parents.


2 thoughts on “New Delhi railway station: Problems and its Solutions”

  1. Well said Alakh! Your first paragraph made me laugh!

    Thats a subtle satire on the face of railways which plans to make trains cheaper enough to be afforded but forgets crowd management. Crowd management have never been a cup of tea to us Indians. Whenever there is any live show, peak hours of traffic, some raily etc. there ought to be some deaths and we say it was unavoidable.

    There was a concert in Rio de Generio attended by 12 lakh people on sea shore and there were only four people injured! mind you it was a rock show in that festival and fun loving nation!

    What you said as the solution is a good one, but ministries don’t wish to come out of traditions even when people are dieing everyday be it stampede, blasts, derailment or anything. It goes as it was.

  2. good suggestions indeed to handle the crowd. every time people cannot be blamed. if india is a big nation there will be bigger crowds. government needs to handle it instead of taking desperate measures

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